Build strength, flexibility and endurance through efficient workouts and have fun doing it.

Natasha is a Bay Area wife, and mother of 2 humans, 2 cats and a Golden Doodle. Breast cancer warrior. She have been teaching fitness for over 20 years in California and New York and has a long list of certifications.


Natasha has always been passionate about helping others get fit in a fun, enjoyable way! She is a firm believer in cross training and creating workouts that are fun and enjoyable so it doesn’t feel like a chore.


She enjoys creating drills that are yoga-inspired, body weight drills or using pieces of equipment like fit balls, kettlebells, weights etc., which have helped her create many innovative and excellent videos. From handstand training to animal inspired, kettlebells, to sock sliding. Funky flow and HIIT yoga and creative Pilates. You’ll get a little bit of everything, learn skills and get strong along the way.

Start working out with Natasha.

GXMMAT will provides a professional and safe fitness environment for you to build strength, flexibility and endurance while having fun with peace of mind!

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3 rounds of 4 drills. One mobility flow. One dumbbell exercise. 45 seconds work. 15 seconds rest. No repeats but Natasha recommends repeating each...

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