The starter of our company used to be a professional athlete, although he have quitted his career for a long time, he still keep exercising for 3 hours a day.

For him, exercising is a lifetime career that he won't give up forever. Because of his past experience, he knows much deeply than anyone else how important it is to make sure that you are using a good exercise equipment during training, even a small difference of the equipment will influence the effect of exercise. And a good training tool should provide you enough protaction as well.

But he found that the stuffs in the markets usually can't meet his needs, so he think, why doesn't design the tools himself, as a user, he knows much better what people need most. Thus, a new fitness brand GXMMAT was born in 2017.


GXMMAT always focus on providing people a more professional and smart exercise plan to lower fitness threshold, helping people enjoy workouts everywhere.

We believe fitness should not be limited to a gym or yoga studio. Working out at home takes less time, costs much less than a gym or studio membership, and can be more effective and enjoyable.

We love home fitness. That is why getting a premium exercise mat for your home floor is so important.



We started Gxmmat Mats with the goal of creating the highest quality workout surface for our home and yours.

We wanted a non-slip surface that was large enough for any workout or yoga session.  A mat that was comfortable and soft, with the perfect balance of padding, support, and shock absorption, without sacrificing stability.

We wanted ultra durability that could last a lifetime of high-intensity training - even with shoes one.

But we also wanted performance grip for yoga, stretching, or bodyweight exercises.

The result was two premium designs, our Exercise Mats and Yoga Mats.

We believe Gxmmat Mats will transform the way you think about home fitness.

And we're proud to say, all of our products are made using only premium-grade, non-toxic, sustainable materials and advanced manufacturing practices.