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Kick off your at-home workout journey with great influencers using GXMMAT's large mats!

Fitness Expert

Juliette Wooten

Step out of your comfort zone and get amazing long-lasting workout results.

Meet Juliette Wooten

Fitness Expert

Mariia Tymura

A personalized fitness approach tailored to different people's strengths and weaknesses is what makes for efficient fitness.

Meet Mariia Tymura

Fitness Expert

Karen Vizueta

Workout is more than a way to get healthier, it's also a good way to relieve mental stress.

Meet Karen Vizueta

Fitness Expert

Natasha Swinford

Build strength, flexibility and endurance through efficient workouts and have fun doing it.

Meet Natasha Swinford

Fitness Expert

Rob Riches

Fitness is about meeting a better version of yourself.

Meet Rob Riches