Step out of your comfort zone and get amazing long-lasting workout results.

Juliette is AFAA Group FITNESS Master Trainer, certified HIIT Coach, and NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, as well as a MOM of two kids.


She is dedicated to teaching Group Fitness and every day she teach fitness classes in LA Fitness Florida. Besides that, she updates high-quality at-home workout videos on YouTube and already has more than 70k followers.


Juliette's goal is to coach and push people out of their comfort zones to get amazing, long-lasting effects from workouts. Her full-body workout at home programs such as HIIT workout, insanity workout, pilates, ab workouts, chest workouts, tricep workouts, butt workouts, back exercises, and stretching will help you to lose weight fast and lose belly fat as well.

Ready to sweat?

Let's follow Juliette and get sweaty on the GXMMAT large exercise mat!!!

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