LOW IMPACT HIIT WORKOUT weights, metabolic weight loss, lean muscle, abs belly fat burn

 coach:Juliette Wooten      Duration: 00:60:00      Class Type:Low impact hit workout 

Juliette coach brings you a highly intense 60-minute HIIT workout with light dumbbells, aimed at weight loss, muscle building, and overall body shaping. The metabolic training will melt away belly fat and sculpt your abs. Dumbbell exercises target all major muscle groups, providing your body with 24 hours of continuous fat-burning effect! 


  • Killer HIIT Workout: Intense, calorie-burning exercises to maximize weight loss.
  • Workout with Weights: Build lean muscle and enhance strength with effective weight exercises.
  • Total Body Workout: Comprehensive session targeting upper body, lower body, and core.
  • Abs & Belly Fat Burn: Focused exercises to tone abs and reduce belly fat. Bench optional!


  • Light Weights, High-Intensity: Push your limits with fast-paced, effective exercises.
  • All Levels: Suitable for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.
  • Comprehensive: Full-body workout combining cardio, strength, and core training.

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