High-intensity total body Tabata workout

 coach:juliette wooten      Duration: 00:30:00      Class Type:Tabata workout

This is a high-intensity 30-minute Tabata workout designed by Juliette Wooten to maximize calorie burn, promote weight loss and gain lean muscle. This course comprehensively works all major muscle groups, with a particular focus on abdominal toning. Suitable for those who are busy but want to exercise effectively.


  • Quick and effective 30-minute workout: Ideal for a busy lifestyle.
  • High-intensity Tabata training: Maximize calorie burn.
  •  Abdominal focus: Build and tighten core muscles.
  • Full body training: Full participation of upper body, lower body and core.



  • Challenging: Practice quickly and effectively, pushing your limits.
  •  Suitable for all levels: beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast.
  •  High efficiency: Complete a full-body workout in under 30 minutes to maximize calorie burn.


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