What are the advantages AND Disadvantages of exercising at home OR in the gym?


Benefits of the gym Workouts

  1. The gym is equipped with complete equipment

There are many equipment in the gym, which can meet the requirements of multifunctional training and is essential for muscle augmentation, as the gym can meet the gradual load required for muscle augmentation.

  1. Large venue

If you exercise in the gym, first of all, you can ensure a little space. You haven't seen any gym with only 1-2 square meters of space, have you.

  1. Rich gym courses

For example, if you want to dance today and swim tomorrow, many gyms can meet your needs now.


Advantages of THE home workouts

  1. Psychological advantages

Being at home can give you a sense of security, and for people with social anxiety, home is a place to rest assured.

  1. Freedom of time

Gyms have fixed operating hours and are not friendly to office workers who want to exercise. They don't have these troubles at home and can practice  whenever and wherever possible .

  1. No need to queue up

As a public place in the gym, many people need to use or share a machine. During the peak period, the same equipment needs to be queued. If you just finish the warm-up, someone you want to use is used, and you need to line up. Maybe your body is cold again. If you are fit at home, you can save time.

     4.Clean and hygienic

In the gym, you will find many people sweating on their benches after practicing. Can you overcome the feeling of lying in someone else's sweat? There is no such problem with training at home, you are the boss of this family.


     5.Better attention span

Working out at home you can be completely sure that the space is quiet and undisturbed.


Disadvantages of THE home workouts

  •  Self-weight load is not enough
  • Insufficient equipment


Disadvantages of  the Gym workouts

  • Expensive price
  • The gym is crowded and noisy
  • Long distance
  • Inflexible time
  • Difficulty in using equipment



  • If you are a newcomer, it is best to choose a more compatible coach to practice with, because newcomers are the first to establish the correct pattern of force, to develop the habit of exercise.
  • If you have a foundation in fitnessbut want to sculpt your muscles better, bigger, and stronger, then I suggest you go to the gym because muscle growth cannot be achieved without gradual loading (heavy sprints cannot be achieved without the gym)
  • If you just want to lose fat and shape,want to make the body with a sense of line, not a fan of large muscles, just to learn the correct mode of force to avoid sports injuries, in fact, home exercise is enough.Because fat reduction and shaping do not require 50-100 kg of strength training, it can be easily achieved through self weight or some small tools.

In short, choose a suitable fitness location based on your personal situation. If you choose to work out at home, don't forget to bring a large GXMMAT mat with you. It can ensure smooth exercise and improve exercise comfort.

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