5 fitness tips to avoid blind exercise and double the fitness effect!

  • warm-up

Before exercise, warm up first, do in place, knee lifting, waist rotation, arm raising, stretching and other mild, small amount of warm-up exercises, which can increase the elasticity of muscle tissue, while reducing the risk of ligament strain.

  • Intergroup relaxation

Stretch and relax after each set. This can increase the blood flow to the muscles, but also help to eliminate the waste deposited in the muscles, speed up the recovery of the muscles, and quickly replenish nutrients.

  • Goods preparation

It is appropriate to sweat slightly during exercise, and you should wipe off the sweat immediately after exercise and change into clean clothes. In the exercise can not ignore the importance of drinking water, in fact, at this time the climate is relatively dry, and the exercise will sweat a lot, so at this time exercise should pay attention to the timely supplement of water.

  • Avoid fasting

In the fasting state, the functions of the human body are at a lower level, and the exercise is prone to gastrointestinal discomfort, hypoglycemia and other problems. Generally speaking, proper eating of easily digestible food 1-2 hours before exercise helps to achieve a more effective and comfortable exercise experience.

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