Exercise Will Help You Relieve Lower Back Pain

Do you often encounter situations in your daily life such as standing up and stretching after work, or standing for a long time with particularly painful back pain?

Have you been troubled by back pain for a long time?

Here are five actions to help you resolve back pain.


Bridge Pose


Bridge pose can enhance the strength of the thigh and gluteus maximus muscles, while also flexing the spine and eliminating back pain.

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, step on the ground with your feet close to your hips, and the distance between your feet should be the same width as your hips; Extend your arms straight and place them on both sides of your body, with your palms facing downwards;
  • Lift the buttocks off the ground until the body is in a straight line from the shoulders to the knees;
  • 15 times will be divided into 1 group, with a total of 3 groups, and each group will rest for 1 minute.

Attention: Relax the waist, open the chest, and breathe naturally; Fingers, toes, and knees pointing straight ahead.


Side Leg Lift

This movement can exercise the hip abductors, enhance the support of the pelvis and reduce the pressure on the back.

  • Lie on your side, holding your head with your left hand and placing your right hand in front of your navel. Open your right finger wide and press your palm down to support the ground, ensuring balance. The back of the head, shoulders, buttocks, and heels are roughly on the same plane, forming a straight line in the body;
  • Inhale and straighten the toes, slowly raise the upper leg by 40-50 centimeters and straighten it for 2 seconds;
  • Exhale and slowly lower your legs, repeating 10 times;
  • Rest on your back, adjust your breathing, and then repeat the above actions on the other side of your body.

Attention: The elbow, pelvis, and other foot are in a straight line.


Cat Cow Pose

This move can stretch and strengthen the back muscles, enhance spinal elasticity, and thus alleviate back pain.

  • Kneeling position, hands and knees on the ground, arms extended, hands pressed down;
  • Slowly inhale, gently lower the spine and slightly raise the hips. Looking forward or slightly upward;
  • Slowly exhale, arch the entire back, droop the head, pull the navel towards the spine, and retract the buttocks;
  • Repeat 8-10 times.

Attention: The 5 fingers are widely separated to reduce wrist pressure. If you still feel unwell, roll up the towel and press the palm against the edge of the towel.



This move is beneficial for strengthening the back extensor muscles.

  • Lie prone, with your chest and abdomen on the ground, arms and legs naturally extended, and your neck naturally relaxed;
  • Extend your arms up and forward, lift your legs slightly off the ground, and use your hips as a support point;
  • Try to extend the distance between your hands and feet as much as possible, hold for 2 seconds to return to the initial position, and repeat 10 times.

 Attention: Avoid excessive amplitude or speed in this action, and do not maintain it for too long in a single attempt to avoid damaging the waist.



Abdominal muscle weakness can cause weak core strength, poor stability, and cause back pain. This exercise helps to enhance the strength of the core muscle group.

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, place your feet flat on the ground, with the distance between your feet as wide as your hips;
  • Cross your hands behind your head and take deep and long breaths;
  • Gently lift the head and shoulders 5 centimeters off the ground, aligning the neck with the spine;
  • Hold for 5 seconds, then return to the original position and repeat 10 times.

Attention: Exhale and get up, do not hold your breath. Relax your neck and do not push forward with force.

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