60-MIN FAT-TORCHING HIIT WORKOUT (low-impact, metabolic workout with weights for weight loss + abs)

60-min LOW-IMPACT FAT TORCHING HIIT today. Low-impact, but high-calorie burn sesh is an absolute fat-killer metabolic workout with weights. Designed for weight loss, total body strength, and a flat stomach with 6-pack abs. For this sesh, Juliette picked the best exercise to lose weight, build muscle and strength, burn tons of calories most efficiently. 

Doing today's workout we are using 2 different high-intensity interval training timers. 60-sec HIIT timer and 30-sec Tabata timer. Quick breaks, so make sure to follow along! To see significant changes do this session for at least 4 weeks (2 times a week) - RESULTS GUARANTEED.

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