6 common exercises are recommended

How different exercises have different effects on promoting health? Which type of exercise is most beneficial for human health? Here are some recommended healthy exercises.

  • Beneficial for Brain Building Exercise: Bouncing

Brain building exercises are basically aerobic exercises, and jumping exercises are the most beneficial in this regard. They can promote blood circulation in the body and provide sufficient oxygen to the brain, greatly improving the brain's thinking ability and helping to refresh and strengthen the brain.

  • The Best Bodybuilding Exercise: Gymnastics

With regard to bodybuilding, how could it be without gymnastics? Gymnastics is one of the sports that can greatly help the body exercise, enhancing balance and coordination, and making the body's lines more robust.

  • The Most Anti Blood Pressure Exercise: Walking

What kind of exercise can resist blood pressure? Expert research has shown that walking is the best anti blood pressure exercise because it is a small but not dynamic stretching exercise that can repeatedly contract and expand the body's muscles through walking, thereby achieving the effect of lowering blood pressure.

  • Exercise to Prevent Myopia: Table Tennis

Why can table tennis be used to prevent  nearsightedness? Because you keep bouncing back and forth while playing table tennis, you need to focus your vision on the ball, which enhances the contraction function of the ciliary muscles. In addition, the continuous rotation of the table tennis ball greatly promotes the blood flow of the eyes, greatly preventing myopia.

  • The Best Weight Loss Exercise: Swimming

Swimming is particularly effective for weight loss because both the body and limbs need to be used during swimming, and the heat generated is very high. The amount of heat consumed by the human body in water and on the ground is very different. The heat generated in water is twice that on land. To lose weight, swimming is the best exercise, and it is necessary to warm up and stretch before and after each exercise to avoid cramps.

  • The Most Anti-Aging Exercise: Running

Aging is something everyone fears, how can we fight against it? In fact, running in so many sports is very age-defying because during running, the blood in the body will flow quickly, and for those who frequently run, you will find that they have a rosy complexion. It is because during running, the body will activate the production of antioxidant enzymes in the body, so the body will have the effect of delaying aging.

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