Hi, Fans of GXMMAT :)

Hope you are all staying well during this special time!

We have got a lot of emails saying that people can't go to the gyms now and start to building the home gym themselves. As the best partners on our customers' fitness journey, we decided to do something to help you keep fit at home better!

We invited our best partner, ZZ who is a professional personal fitness trainer, made this 30 DAYS FIT program for you all!

Follow this program to get you back in shape in 30 days at home!

No need to go to the gym, no need any more equipments, just prepare yourself!

Check this link: https://workoutsbyzz.com/ to sign up for 30 DAYS FREE FIT CHALLENGE!

Welcome To Workouts by ZZ

Hi! My name is Zuzana, but everyone calls me ZZ . I’m here to be your BFF on our journey to get back in shape .

I have two beautiful kids Giana(6) and Lucas (5) which I had through C-sections back to back, so I understand the struggle to make time for your health and fitness when you are also a mom!

I’m very humble and I will make you feel strong and motivate you with the workout routines. It won’t be easy sometimes, but together we will make it .

Our 30 DAYS FREE CHALLENGE will be fun, but also challenging, so get ready to sweat! But, you won’t regret it, because at the end of the day it will all be worth it .

Don’t overthink it, make an investment in yourself, and join me!

Follow me for more home workouts videos:

Youtube: @Workouts By ZZ

Ins: @workoutsbyzz


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