Double-Sided Non-Slip Surface

Double-sided no-skid surfaces for enhanced traction and superior grip. Grooved & matrix-circle underside stops the mat from sliding on the floor. The subtly textured surface prevents hands and feet from slipping out of position to prevent injuries.

Shock Absorbent & Comfortable Landing

Protect your elbows, ankles, knees, feet, and floor. Your joints will also thank you. We designed our mats with comfort and strength in mind, so you can get your best workout from the comfort of your living room.

Easy To Clean, Easy To Store

Wipe with a soft towel dipped in diluted detergent ,with cold or warm water. Put it in a ventilated place to dry. Do not expose it to the sun.


Workout Hub

Kick off your at-home workout journey with great influencers using GXMMAT's large mats!


Ryan T

"I needed a mat to protect my wood floor that I'm now using for my growing little home gym. Measured to make sure I got the right size. It came, I used, I'm happy. Even with socks on I don't slip and slide and it has enough cushion to feel comfortable. I like that it comes in sizes bigger than a regular mat or yoga mat since I'm doing a lot of shifting around and need more surface area. It slides a bit on carpet if not weighted down, but what would you expect? The gloves were a nice add in."

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Jeremy M Liebherr

"I bought this to workout indoors. I use it to do a jump rope workout and it's working fine. If you are going to use it over a carpet it will slide a bit. I don't mind it since protecting my carpet due to limitation in workout space was one of my reasons to buy this product and it's doing its job. It has some weight to it, so if you don't want it to slide over the carpet my guess is that you should buy a mat bigger than the one I got (6x5)."

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Mich Again

"The mat is very durable, has thick-feeling underfoot and looks expensive! I use the Ab-Roller for exercise and the mat holds the floor really well, secure my workout. I have not tried to exercise with barefoot on it but believe the grips will hold the body well, no slippery. Very easy to clean using tower with lukewarm water. It also comes with a free pair of workout gloves that I have not tried on yet. Mat was shipped with traps for easy storage after use."

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