How to Start an At-Home Yoga Practice

Science continues to prove the benefits of daily yoga practice and there are many reasons to start one at any time of the year.

What comes to mind when you think of starting an at-home yoga practice? It could be figuring out where in your home to practice or finding the right yoga mat or yoga clothes.

Whatever your case, we’ve got you covered! Here is our step-by-step guide to starting an at-home yoga practice.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Connect To Your Why
  • Set Up Your At-Home Yoga Space
  • Invest In A Yoga Mat That Sparks Joy
  • At-Home Yoga Practice Vs Yoga Studio
  • How Many Times A Week To Practice And For How Long
  • Make It Fun And Explore

Connect To Your Why

Get clear on your why for starting a Yoga practice. Set internal space as much as the external.


Why examples:

  • To incorporate breathwork into your life
  • To lower stress levels
  • To stretch as a counter to tight muscles from weight training
  • To lose weight and gain flexibility


Connect to your reason and come back to that when you need a reminder to show up. This can be what you might call intention setting.


Set Up Your At-Home Yoga Space

Whether it’s a corner of your bedroom or your entire garage, finding a consistent space to practice will be key to your at-home yoga practice.


  • Choose a clean environment with little to no noise pollution.


  • Choose a space big enough for you to fan both your legs and arms out without hitting a wall.


  • Lay out your yoga mat for easier motivation to practice.


  • Decorate your yoga space with any props, candles, or crystals to set the mood and tone.


Trust us when we say, seeing the meaningful yoga space you created will inspire you to be accountable and take time to self-care and breathe.

Invest In A Quality Yoga Mat That Sparks Joy

This wouldn’t be a how-to start an at-home yoga practice guide if we didn’t advise you to invest in a quality yoga mat.


Your yoga mat will hold space for you and remind you of your yoga journey as you continue to grow your practice. Consider getting an eco-friendly, thick, clean non-slip yoga mat, which is grippy right out of the box.


It can be useful to have an extra large yoga mat for more room to stretch out and create more of the ambiance of an at-home yoga studio or practicing with a partner.

At-Home Yoga Practice Vs Yoga Studio

A yoga practice at home allows you to move from the freedom and comfort of your own home.


It’s an invitation to be with yourself and build the strength and confidence to be able to attend a public yoga studio class.


Home yoga and home workouts are the most accessible way to develop a daily fitness routine since they can be done right from your living room or home gym. Youtube and free online classes are your friends.


At-home yoga practice is encouraged when starting out especially if you struggle with showing up and are new to daily movement. This will allow you to go at your own pace and really be with yourself.


How many times a week to practice and for how long


Stay motivated by making your practice as accessible as possible and making it bite-sized in the beginning.


Aim for 10-20 minutes of daily practice 3 times a week at first.


That might feel counterintuitive since you are trying to be more accountable and consistent but in the beginning, it’s ok to go slow and start small in order to reinforce showing up vs failing to reach an unrealistic goal.

Make it fun and explore

There is no set of rules for how to start an at-home yoga practice.


Have fun challenging yourself and exploring your preferred yoga style.


Always prioritize safety but don’t stress about alignment, in the beginning, Favor sensation over how it looks.  


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