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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

If after 2-4 business days you do not have a tracking number for your order, please be sure to check your spam/ junk folder and make sure it is not flagged.

Only Received part of my order!

We're sorry to alarm you! Please make sure you did not receive two tracking emails for your order AND that none of the items you purchased were on preorder. Please check the table above to find out if your item was on preorder. If this does not solve your issue, please kindly contact support. We are happy to help as soon as we can!

Want to return my item(s). What should I do?

Refunds for returned orders will be processed once received at our warehouse, not upon shipping back. Learn more from the Return Policy

Received amazon gift card.

We are sorry that the gift card is used for our Amazon store. As for our apologize, we are willing to provide the same amount of discount. Also you don't need to activate warranty. Please refer to the link below to get $30 or the matching sun shades for free

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