Recommended Fitness Items

Are you looking to purchase quality fitness equipment to take your workouts to the next level?

If so, read on because we’ve compiled a short list of must-have items from three reputable companies: Rogue Fitness, Bowflex, and Concept2.

Let’s discuss.


  • Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0

Rogue is a company known for its excellent weight training equipment, and their adjustable bench 2.0 is proof of that. 

As its name suggests, the bench allows you to adjust the incline from 0 degrees (flat) to 90 degrees (upright) and perform various exercises: seated shoulder press, incline press, chest-supported row, and more.



  • Bowflex SelectTech 552

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 are some of the best and most affordable adjustable dumbbells on the market.

Ranging from 5 to 52.5 lbs and allowing you to change the load in 2.5-lb increments, these dumbbells offer excellent workout flexibility and pair incredibly well with the Rogue bench.

As an added benefit, these dumbbells come with trays (as you can see in the product photo), which allow you to adjust the weight at the turn of a dial.


  • Concept2 RowErg

The rowing machine by Concept2 is one of the best on the market because it consists of high-quality materials and provides a pleasurable workout experience. 

Its innovative design is a pleasure to look at, and the ability to adjust the resistance makes the rower perfect for everyone – from beginners to professional athletes. 

A rowing machine is an excellent way to train your entire body, burn many calories, and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

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